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Junior Troop 50270

Part of Girl Scouts of Western Pennsylvania

Product Sales

Top Sellers!

· Lena $452

· Nicole $305

· Alaura $300

We make our money three ways:

· Dues

· Product Sales

· Donations


Our two Product Sales are Magnuts in October and Cookies in January.


Girls sell magazine subscriptions, nuts and candy  for the Magnut sale.


Of course, are cookies are famous!


Want to buy some? Contact our leader for information!

Cookie Delivery starts Feb. 23. Cookie Booth in front of K-Mart in Moon Feb 28 3-7 p.m.

Click here to go to the Cookie Club.  If you can not remember your id and password, please email the leader.


Amount Raised:

Top Sellers!

· Tori 275

· Patience 133

· Alaura 131