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Brownie Troop 50270

Part of Girl Scouts of Western Pennsylvania

Our Brownie Quest

We started our Brownie Quest by accepting the Brownie Quest on page 46. Make sure you read pages 44-45 before accepting the quest! We completed the following Activities in the workbook:

 Puzzling Over Keys p. 48

 Discovering Me p. 49

 Discovering Values p. 50

The following was assigned for the next meeting (Nov 24)

 Discovering Family p. 51 along with other requirements for the All in the Family Badge. Check under Next Meeting Link for more details.

The following was assigned for the Jan 26 Meeting

 Read pages 4-8

 Complete Brownies Around the World p. 9 Great Resource! Click here for a list of all Girl Scout and Girl Guide Names



Our Quest Begins

Date: 11/10/08

What does your family value?

Complete the Discovering Family Star on p. 51

We found our first key!

Girls who missed the work:

Lindsey, Natalie, Rebecca

Family Night

Date: 12/8/08

Make Yummy Snacks that are good for you too!

P. 56-57

Girls who missed the work:

Keira, Lauren, Lindsey, Patience

Cooking Up Christmas

Date: 12/22/08

Family Fun

Date: 1/26/09

Help your family get healthy by having fun too! Make the Family Fun Jar p. 59

Complete Pgs. 9, 54-55

Pgs. 10-17 , 58 Assigned for Feb 9 Meeting

Girls who missed the work:


Date: 2/9/09

Caring the Community

Learn how to help out your community

Complete Pgs. 59-65

Pgs. 18-29 Assigned for Feb. 23 Meeting

Date: 2/23/09

Service Project Planning

Find the last key and take action! We will vote on our troop service project. Please fill out the service project worksheet and be ready to pitch your idea to the troop. We will vote for one service project.

We will do the following pages as a troop:

Pgs. 66-70. If you miss this meeting, it may be hard to make up the work. You will need to contact the leader to get the service project information to complete.

Girls who missed the work:



Date: 3/23/09

We finish our Journey

We will complete pgs 71-73 at this last meeting. All other pages must be complete. Girls should turn in their complete workbooks to the leader by April 13 to receive their necklaces. If the workbook is incomplete, they will not receive a necklace.